We are very pleased to welcome you to our website. The following pages feature information on our business and the answers to many questions you may have. If you need additional information, please call us, as we prefer to provide personalised advice.
Our company, S.J. Spijker B.V., is a nursery of hardy perennials with two product groups, i.e. young plants and bare-rooted plants. Outstanding quality and an extensive range of products are the pillars on which our company has been build.  Customers can rely on a faultless service as well as in-depth knowledge of plants and horticultural methods. With the above assets, S.J. Spijker B.V.  has become a premium supplier of starting material.


Our company has two product groups:
Young plants: We multiply our young plants by division or by cutting stem-tips or other growth points.  The cuttings are placed on a suitable medium, where the cells are grown into root balls. We also supply young plants from tissue culture and generative multiplication products (seedlings). Most young plants are supplied in a multicell tray of 104 which fits on a CC-trolley.
Bare-rooted plants: Plants harvested from the fields in autumn and winter. The stock plants for these are cuttings and divisions planted in spring. After an average growing time of 6 to 8 months, the plants are harvested and prepared for delivery to customers (except peonies, those require a two-year culture in the fields). This ‘rejuvenation’ process protects the plants against diseases and other damage.